9 Best places to visit in Nainital

Nainital, a Hill station known for its scenic beauty. Located in Uttarakhand it’s one of the best places to visit in India. Nainital is blessed with amazing mountains and hills view. As close to Himalayan range. You will got many viewpoints here to see the amazing Beauty of Himalayan. The climate and locations hold an eye of tourists to this place. If you live the cold climate and looking for a place to visit for a lovely weekend then Nainital is best for you. Dive into the list of best places to visit in Nainital for wonderful trip in India.

Top places to visit in Nainital

Nainital lake

Snow Viewpoint

Tiffin Top

Mall road

Nainital Devi Mandir

Ropeway Nainital


Bhotiya Market

Nainital lake

Naini lake , Nainital places

Naini lake is one of the most popular tourist attraction in the Nainital. The lake is considered as the most beautiful in India. Located in the Kumaon hills. You will see the delightful view of 4 lakes together. There are Nainital, Naukuchiyata, Sattal Lake and Bhimtal Lake in the same vicinity. 

The Lake is shaped in Kidney-shaped and us the most popular destination in Nainital. You will see a spectacular view of the sunset when the sun goes down slowly. People enjoy Boating, picnic and fishing here.

Nainital is surrounded by 7 different peaks. The long lake comprises of 2 parts Mallital and Talal. 

The lake is surrounded by bushes and trees. The water is clear and blue. Take a visit to the beautiful Temple of Nainital. The place is highly appreciated for its view and to spend some quality time with no disturbance. The greeny slopes of mountains and hills are a treasure. The night time is even more spectacular with the blue sky reflecting in the water. 

The tourists are addicted to this place as it holds many popular destinations in one place. Nainital Devi temple, Nainital peak, snow-capped peak and Tiffin Point. 

Do you love cold weather? Take a shall or leather jacket to avoid getting chills. Are you a shopping person? Nainital lake takes along with mall in here. The mall is a shopping hub for visitors. Shop for candles, wools, handicrafts and much more here. 

Snow Viewpoint

Snow view point

Have you ever dream of seeing snow? In India, very rare places are blessed to have snowfall. Nainital is one of them. Snow point is no doubt one of the most visited places in Nainital. 

At height of 2270 meters, this place is much popular in Nainital. You will see the panoramic view of the milky snow mountain. The point is highlighted to appear the scenic view of 3 famous peaks in a row. Trishul, Nanda, and Nanda Kot. 

The snow viewpoint has snow watching binoculars fitted. The 2 huge binoculars are used to see the glorious Himalayan mountains covered with snow. The viewpoint is also having one very famous Temple of Hindus. Don’t worry about travelling here. As the cable car is available from Mallital till here. Usually, the temperature here is low and it’s recommended not to visit in extremely cold conditions. The magnificent view will not let you down. Naina Devi is the most popular peak as it’s the highest peak in India. Glare the spectacular view of snow-covered peaks with your eyes. 

Tiffin Top 

Tiffin Top in Nainital

In the Ayarpatta Hills of Himachal, the most exotic picnic spot Tiffin Top is located. This destination is one of the best places to visit in Nainital and you will know why. 

The spectacular 360° view of Nainital is amazing. Dorothy’s Seat gives you an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. The scenic view is mesmerising and blessed with a peaceful environment. You will see the big deep, slopes covered with green. The place is just so loved by photographers. Hikers flood the place. Delightful for all visitors as it provides facilities of horse riding. The pony rides are highly appreciated here. You will feel adventure and fun here. 

For your fun, the place is designed to have activities like, rock climbing, trekking, rappelling, pony rides, and much more. 

The beauty of this place holds a unique landscape and view. The spectacular view will hold your breath. 

Mall Road

Mall road for shopping

Along the side of Naini lake. Constructed in the British era. It’s the shopping hub in Nainital. Best known for food and shopping in Nainital. 

Also known as Govind Ballah Road. This place is a core hotspot for woollens. Tourists enjoy shopping and strolling here. On the side of the walkway, you will see the beautiful Naini lake. The lake goes parallel to the road. The road is most vibrant and energetic. Banks, ATMs, shops, showrooms and much more are designed here. The Mall road is one of the places which is flooded with people in the daytime. 

The cool breezes will please you. The place is popular for handlooms. The place is known for beautiful handicrafts and candles. 

Nainital Devi Temple

Nainital Devi temple

Give a visit to Naina Devi temple for a religious trip in Nainital. Near Naini lakeshore, this is one of the famous destinations in Nainital for Hindus. Considered as Shakti peetha of India. The story of the temple is very interesting. The temple was originated at the place where Lord Vishnu cut Sati’s body in 51 parts. 

Naina temple draws several devotees to Nainital every year. The Temple is highlighted to have many idols of Hindu religion including Naina Devi, Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, Mata Kali Devi. 

The temple glooms in Happiness during a festival season like Navratri, Chaitra. The temple is open from morning to 10 pm.

The aura of the place is calming and relaxing. You will see many Idols and devotees in the temple. Must visit temple and best places to visit in Nainital. 

Nainital Ropeway


Want something existing and adventurous? Nainital Ropeway is best for you. This place gathers several tourists in Nainital. Popularly known as Cable car ride. One of the existing and fastest ropeway service in Nainital. The ropeway connects other famous destinations in Nainital. Like snow Viewpoint and Mallital. 

Associated with Swiss technology the ropeway service will give you view over the waters. Truly you will fall for the landscape and panoramic view from the top. The ropeway drives over the Naini lake and the view is mesmerising. Ropeway drives 11 people in 3 minutes. Way half a mile in 3 minutes. Ropeway is worth your penny. 

Mostly the place is famous for children and families. Children are way too excited for the ride. You will catch some amazing view from the top. 


Peora in village

Want some alone peaceful trip with great scenery? Then you can side in the gen of Nainital. Peora is one of the coolest places where you can stay with the great scenic view along. Peora has many big bungalows. The bungalows are built such that you can see the scenic view of mountains, hills, and greenery. The bungalows are safe and away from hustle and bustle of the city.

The locals here are very jolly and you will get to know their lifestyle and way of living. Situated at an altitude of 6000 feet the place view is jaw-dropping. Peora village has a unique aura and is peaceful. 

Perfect place for couples and families. You can try camping here. As the place has locals also so you will get help if needed. The activities here are glorious. As you can enjoy bird watching here. The place is peaceful so the birds halt here every day The morning starts here with ca help of cute little birds. Indulge yourself in this amazing activity here. 

Trekking is best for you in Peora. Peora is a place with great mountains and valleys. The place is perfect for you to trek along the way. The picturesque view will keep you motivated to head forward. The activities and aura make this place one of the best places to visit in Nainital.  

Tourists also have fun having a half-day picnic here and fruit picking. Fruit picking is fun. You can collect the fresh fruits with a basket in hand. The scenic view of peora will make you stay more at this place. 

Bhotiya Market

Nainital bhotiya ghost market

Want to shop in Ghost market? Kinda scary right. The bhotiya(ghost) market is ultimately the destination in Nainital for shopping. 

The bhotiya market is very famous to have many things for you. The clothes here are available at cheap prices if you are a good bargainer. The ghost market is a total shopaholic place which is the best destination for tourists in Nainital. 

From fashionable bags, clothes, wills, winter clothes every shop has much stuff for you. The ethnic shawls, mufflers are delightful. Articrafts and artificial jewellery are varey famous here. The place is close to the very famous Naina Devi temple. The place is best as it’s near tempthe le and you can spend a day here shopping. 

Not just shopping the place is known to serve amazing food treat for your taste buds. The momos and noodles are amazing for you. All in all a great place for shopping with intricating food options.

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Which are best places to visit in Nainital in winter season?

A- Nainital lies in the laps of nature with amazing landscape. In India, Nainital is hotspot for tourists. In winters Naini lake is most fun place to visit. Apart from lake, Naini peak, eco garden are most famous places.

Is Nainital trip expensive?

A- Nainital is popular for its scenic beauty and landscape. As of the traveling to Nainital depends on the means you are traveling with. Most of the Places in Nainital are free to visit. Nainital has many hotels and resorts at low costs. The expenses totally depend on the trip you want.

What are best places in Nainital for 3 days?

A- Nainital is filled with amazing tourist spots. Some of the famous places are Naina lake, Naina Temple, snow Viewpoint, Mall road, and Tiffin Top.

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