About us

Our Story

Myself A R Siddiqui and Yash Verma are Food and travel hosts, producer, and social media influencers. We are obsessed with travel and Food: Meeting new people and explore their amazing and tasty foods, seeing extraordinary new places, and experiencing new cultures and food. And I want the same for you! From an early age we learned the cultures and traditions of different Countries and Religions Fooditraveler began in 2018 to explore food culture over the world.

What we Do

Fooditraveler is a Community that Initially taste and review restaurants and food hubs and recommend the best taste and cuisine. Gradually, we expanded the network and honed our expertise, by creating groups of students and corporate groups who travel across the world and explore the taste of different cultures and provide the recommendation. Fooditraveler is now on the way to become Food & Travel Society which spread joy across the world We discover new places and possibilities and try to spread the joy of wanderlust. If you’re inspired just a little bit then pack your bags and enjoy the Foodi weekend with us