10 best foods in Mumbai you just can’t miss

Mumbai is a food hub and you will melt seeing it’s cuisine. Especially, Street food in Mumbai is what will make you crave for more. 

Tandoori chicken, sushi, to street chat is just what you want on your plate. From authentic Gujrati Thalis to world’s Famous “Mumbai’s Vada Pav”. Everything in Mumbai is just amazing. Be it the culture or Mumbai’s Street chaat. 

Lip-smaking cuisines in Mumbai are ready for you. Listed top 20 best foods in Mumbai along with its Places. 

Also, don’t forget to take your fellow foodie along with you to taste these best foods in Mumbai. 

Butter Chicken Sushi Roll, Bandra Pali hill 

Butter Chicken is one of the best foods in Mumbai

The name itself is enough to make you droll. Bombay Roll or Sushi Roll is one of the best foods in Mumbai. 

Yugo Shushi is serving this amazing food in Mumbai’s Pali hill. The taste of the roll is inspired by Mughal cuisine. 

The rich taste if Butter chicken and pickled bit sour vegetables make it one of the best food in Mumbai. 

The spicy and bit sour ingredients are wrapped in Nori roll. Make this amazing roll one of the must try food in Mumbai. 

Kheema Pav, Crawford Market in Gulshan-e- Iran 

Kheema Pav Is one of the best foods in Mumbai.

Here comes pride of Street food delicacies in Mumbai. Muglai delicacy of Gulshan-e-Iran is one the most famous street food in Mumbai. 

This dish is known cause of its taste and it’s low prices. These food has gained popularity in Crawford Market. It’s other Muglai delicacies are also considered as one of the best foods in Mumbai. 

The Kheema is made of adding different Mughal spices and gravies. The other nonveg foods here are also one of the best in Mumbai. 

If visiting here, don’t forget to try the soft Garlic Naan and it’s chicken tikka. Spicy and intricating one of the best food in Mumbai are served here. Also, don’t forget to try the most famous deserts like Kulfi, Randi Kulfi and Firni in Gulshan-e-Iran. 

Love with nonveg cuisines? Definitely try this place in Crawford Market. 

Chicken / Veg Shashlik, Lamington road 

Chicken Sizzlers in Mumbai is best food to try

Kobe Sizzlers, serving most tasty chicken in Mumbai. Veg Shashlik is another name for this best food in Mumbai. Serving tasty and spicy chicken recipes in Mumbai. 

A must visit place in Mumbai to try chicken dishes. When I say must visit place in Mumbai means it’s serving you the best foods in Mumbai. 

Sizzlers grilled and smoked in grill. The flavour and aroma of the Kobe Sizzlers is the best. The chicken is grilled with some veggies in grill. 

Variety in Sizzlers is most best part. Flavours of the tandoori Sizzlers is the best food in Mumbai. 

Not just non veg Sizzlers in here. You gotta whole panner Sizzlers options on your menu. Not a place to miss in Mumbai. 

No doubt it’s serving one of the best foods in Mumbai. 

White Biryani, Bendi Bazzar 

White Biryani is one of the tasty and famous food in Mumbai.

Want to shop and eat along in Mumbai? Bendi Bazzar has a cuisine that will fit in your expectations from Mumbai’s food. Taste and flavour will not disappoint you. 

When it comes to Biryani, smokey and aromatic flavours are must. White Biryani of Bhendi Bazaar is one of the most  famous Street food in Mumbai. 

After a tiring Mumbai’s shopping at Bendi Bazzar take a visit at Mohammad Ali Road. Not just White Biryani but kabab of this place is one of the best foods in Mumbai. 

Bollywood stars are even fan of this place. If you’re lucky enough, you can spot one Bollywood celeb tasting the street food in Mumbai. 

Chinese Cuisine hub, Worli 

Chinese Cuisine of worli is best in the world.

Sahiban of Mumbai in Worli is one of the most famous place for its tasty Chinese treat. 

Chinese in Mumbai means Sahiban is the best. Chinese Thali is one of the suprise treat for Chinese food lover in Mumbai. 

Must try food in Mumbai when it comes to soups, fried rice, starters, Manchurian and much more. Dumplings of Sahiban are one of the best foods in Mumbai. 

Manchurian soup is one must try food in Mumbai. Bandra and Colaba are also blessed with Sahiban’s Chinese food treat as outlets open there. Try Sahiban’s Chinese in Colaba, Bandra and Oshiwara also. 

No doubt the Chinese Thali is one of the best foods in Mumbai. Try out different starter options at Sahiban. 

Dark Chocolate Macarons, Pali hill Bandra 

Dark Chocolate Macarons in Mumbai

Want some Deserts of Mumbai? Deserts and Chocolate Macarons are a treat in a box. Most tasty treat to enjoy with your best buddies. 

Le 15 Patisserie treats you with one of the best Macarons in Mumbai. Dessert foods in Mumbai is one of the best. Most fun deserts in Mumbai. You won’t regret visiting this Macaron Palace. 

To experiment a little with Macaron flavours try ‘Paan’ and Lemon flavours. This Macarons are one of the best foods in Mumbai. But Dark Chocolates Macarons are unbeatable. 

In our top foods in Mumbai try this amazing treat in Mumbai. 

Ragda Pattice, SantaCruz West 

Ragda Pattice is famous street food of Mumbai.

Chaat dishes are one of the famous foods in Mumbai. Ragda Pattice can steal your heart in first bite. When it comes to Ragda Pattice Ram and Shaym’s Ragda Pattice is one of the best street food in Mumbai. 

Most famous place in Mumbai for Chaat food. The place is crowded and one of the best in Mumbai. Obviously, serving most delicious Ragda Pattice in Mumbai. 

Try out other chaat delicacies of Ram and Shaym’s place. The place is one of the most confusing when it comes to choosing one dish. One can just eat a whole cart. The taste and flavours can be tasted by its aroma first. To pick one chaat is tough. So you can go for Ragda Pattice of Ram and Shaym’s. In SantaCruz West it’s one of the best chaat serving in Mumbai. 

Momos Dumplings at Pali hill 

Momos are one of the most famous street food in Mumbai

Momos are so rare to get in Mumbai. To try Momos in Mumbai you can get many rare places. 

Momos of Kepchaki Momos are renowned and most famous in Mumbai. Kapayasi Momos are one of the best foods in Mumbai. When it comes to street food in Mumbai you can’t get much better taste of momos like Kapayasi. 

The taste of these momos are the most tasty food in Mumbai to try. Your Mumbai trip is no complete without tasting this momos dish in Mumbai. 

Carter’s road and Kapayasi Momos are most fun place to eat in Mumbai. No doubt Kapayasi Momos are one of the best foods in Mumbai. 

Melted Belgian Chocolate Crepe 

Chocolate crepe in Mumbai's Desert

Again a chocolate dessert on out best foods in Mumbai. These Chocolate Crepe is one of the wannabes. Delightful to your tongue and soul. Don’t miss out these most famous food in Mumbai. 

At Nariman point? Want some dessert treat? With your friend or partner head over to Suzette. Suzette is serving one of the most famous crepes with Belgium chocolates. 

If you got a sweet tooth you won’t regret smaking on this Belgium chocolate treat. You will get a range of options to select from. Make this amazing place your hotspot on Valentine’s Day. No doubt Chocolate Crepe is one of the best foods in Mumbai to try. 

Vada Pav, Mumbai 

Mumbai's Vada Pav is best foods in Mumbai.

Vada Pav is at last you might be thinking that? Vada Pav of Mumbai needs no mention. This food in Mumbai is one snack option, dinner option and lunch option for most. No matter when and where you eat it Vada Pav is always ready to amaze you. 

Vada Pav of Mumbai is no doubt one of the best food in Mumbai. No other street food can beat this one. 

If you are new to Mumbai and need a guide to best foods in Mumbai. Blindly, just try Vada Pav first. Depending on the stall you eat it. Any famous Chowpatty serves most tasty Vada Pav in Mumbai. Also, a place in Sion serves best food in Mumbai.

What is famous food of Mumbai?

Top 10 Dishes to Eat in Mumbai

Batata Vada.
The Bombay Sandwich.
Brun Maska.
Bhel Puri.
Chicken Mayo Roll.
Ragda pattice.

Which is the famous sweet of Mumbai?

Aflatoon sweet

If you ever visit mumbai should definitely try Aflatoon sweet from Suleman usman. Its famous for bakery products as well but Aflatoon is most famous and well known in mumbai.

What is famous food of Maharashtra?

The most-popular forms are bhajivada pav, misalpav and pav bhaji. More-traditional dishes are sabudana khichadipohe, upma, sheera and panipuri. Most Marathi fast food and snacks are lacto-vegetarian.

What is the popular sweet dish of Mumbai?

An easy to make Indian sweet using flour and sugar; Ice Halva is a SUPER popular sweet in Mumbai.

What is the famous sweet of Maharashtra?

Puran Poli is one of the most popular sweet items in the Maharashtrian cuisine. It is a buttery flatbread stuffed with a mix made of jaggery (molasses or gur ), yellow gram (chana) dal, plain flour, cardamom powder and ghee. It is consumed at almost all festivals


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