8 bucket list of best foods in Delhi to kick off your diet

Delhi is a place of passionate people. Passionate for fun and passionate for food. Delhi is a food paradise. Dive into this paradise of foodie. Are you a foodie? If not, no worry Delhi will make you the one. 

Boost your appetite to fullest and let’s see some of the best foods in Delhi for you. From international cuisines to Delhi’s Street food delicacies you will love it all. 

Most of the Instagram foodies are from Delhi. If you are not familiar with the hardcore foodie stans and best foods in Delhi. Let me introduce you some. 

10 bucket list of best foods in Delhi to kick off your diet 

Chhole Bhature 

Cholle bhature is most famous dish of Delhi

King of appetite, to blow your mind with its savvy taste. Chhole Bhature, most famous food in Delhi and you must try it definitely. 

Fluffy Bhature with gravy if chhole is one of the best foods in Delhi. Only Delhi can serve it better to you. 

The appetizing Chhole gravy is spicy, buttery and have a unique taste. One of the top Street food in Delhi. 

But, do you know who can serve you the best chhole Bhature in Delhi? Well, Chache di Hatti is one of the great serving joint for Chhole Bhature. Must try it here. 

Eat it like local! With green chutney and pickled salad on side. Your Chhole Bhature will go better. 


Gol gappe is most famous Street food in Delhi

Proudly one can say Golgappe are one of the most famous Street food in Delhi. 

Forget all other varients of Golgappe. One of the best food in Delhi. How you like it? Spicy, medium spicy or more sweet. 

No matter what try your spice level with Golgappe in Delhi. 

King of chaats and one of the best foods in Delhi. Also chaat is also one Famous in chaat delicacies. But, no dish can beat Golgappe. 

Tasty and yummy Golgappe will be your best food in Delhi you tried. Who serves Golgappe best in Delhi? Rajouri Garden’s Golgappe are one of the best food in Delhi. 

Dahi Bhalle 

Dahi Bhalle is another famous street food in Delhi

 Another edifice in Delhi’s food delicacies. Can’t miss this one. Savvy, sour, creamy and tasty Dahi Bhalle are one of the best foods in Delhi. 

Tangy taste that can’t be explained in words. If you are new to Delhi’s Street food, I will help you with this dish. 

Dhai Bhalle is a chaat dish. Dal Vada soaked in sour and sweet Yogurt from top. Spicy chaat masala and sweet yogurt will blow your mind. 

One of the best foods in Delhi for Chaat lovers. Eat with green chutney crown on top like locals love it. Who serves Dahi Bhalle the best in Delhi? Well, many places actually. But, the most famous are Rajouri market, Chandni Chowk and old Delhi road. 

No doubt you must try this one of the best foods in Delhi. 

Prince Paan, Wonder for Paan lovers 

Prince Paan of Delhi

Are you a Paan lover? If not, still must try this amazing Paan Palace in Delhi. Flavours of Paan you have never tried in world. After tasting the Street Foods in Delhi. 

Are you a Delhi food lovers? If so, you will love this mouth freshener with unique flavours. 

Prince Paan serving most unique flavours of Paan you might have tried yet. If you love Golgappe they even serve it made from mineral water. 

Strawberry Paan, Butterscotch Paan, or else try some Paan Chaat. A total blissful place for Paan lovers in Delhi. Are you also fan of Street Foods in Delhi. This place also serves best food in Delhi. 

Roshan ki Kulfi 

Not just having best foods in Delhi but we also have best deserts food in Delhi. 

Here’s a tasty treat in your bucket list of best foods in Delhi to try. Goes well with best Street Foods in Delhi. 

But, no doubt most tasty Kulfi you might have tried. Kulfi faluda is a must try dish in Delhi. Cold, tasty, and yummy treat after a day in hot sun. 

Why Roshan ki Kulfi is must try in Delhi? Heart of kulfis and serving best kulfis in Delhi. Cornered with Street Foods in Delhi you must try this one too. No doubt one of the best foods in Delhi is this Kulfi Faluda. 

If you want a cool beverage with ice-cream floating inside with strawberry flavours. Nothing is best than this one. 

Shawarma, Most tasty food in Delhi 

Shawarma is one of the tasty food in Delhi

Any Shawarma lovers here? Get ready to stay blissed with this food joint in Delhi. No doubt, Shawarma is one of the best foods in Delhi to eat. Street food in Delhi and Sharwama is one of the best foods in Delhi for non veg lovers. 

The taste and quality of this place is one best thing to taste in Delhi. Who serves the most tasty shawarma in Delhi? The sweet answer is Spice Angan. No doubt serving best food in Delhi especially Shawarma. 

Spicy, creamy and meat which taste blissful. Juicy meat and grilled smoky flavour is one of the best food in Delhi. 

Shawarma rolls are no doubt one of the best foods in Delhi. Definitely, must try this Shawarma of Spice Angan is must try food in Delhi. 

Parathas, Specially of Parathe wali Galli 

Parathe wali Galli is most famous food in Delhi

Love Parathe? If you are a Paratha fan you can’t get anything like Parathe wali Galli. Most best and healthy food in Delhi. 

Fresh, soft and crispy Parathe are one of the best foods in Delhi to eat. Another, best Street food in Delhi. 

Chandni Chowk also serving best Parathas. Can try a varient in Parathas here with around 30 different flavours of Parathas. Must try this amazing food in Delhi for foodies. 

Hot Parathas with a dallop of white butter over the top. Try Parathas with different side sauces to make it more fun. 

This food of Delhi is one of the famous street food in Delhi. Try one. Which flavour of Paratha is your favourite? 


Kebab is most tasty food in Delhi

Visiting old Delhi? If so, you can’t get back without tasting Kebas. One of the tastiest food in Delhi. 

Non veg Kebas are not originated in India. But, the country has taken them well. Serving the grilled chicken intricating flavours. Smoky flavour of the Kebas are none served better than in Delhi. 

No doubt, Kebabs are one of the best foods in Delhi to eat. 

Reshmi Kebab and Kalmi Kebab are most tasty Kebab you should try. Minced chicken kebab or kebab marinated in gravy. Which one’s your favourite? 

Grilled chicken legs and Galouti Kebab are must try in Delhi. This all makes kebab one of the best foods in Delhi. 

No doubt Delhi has an amazing Cuisines to serve. But, South Indian dishes are also an amazing and unique taste for us. Munnar, a hillstation in South India can fill you up with amazing and best foods to try. I have listed best foods in Munnar for a South India food introduction. check out.

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