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You need to stop! You might be feeding your dog in the wrong manner. 

Dogs digestive system works in a different way. The foods that are common for us that can be dangerous for them. As many feed their dogs only dog food. To no surprise, some human foods can be fed to your dog. Some human foods can provide dogs with good nutrients. 

To know more, I have listed some of the best foods for dogs that you can feed your dear dog. 

Now share your food and your love with dogs.  

9 Healthy and best foods for Dogs To give your dog love and Health. 

Bone broth, healthy food for dogs

Healthy food for dogs.

Tremendous nutrients for your lovely dog. Bone broth is like a healthy dose for dogs. Bone broth can be made in many types. But make sure it contains no chilies, no coconut or nuts. 

How to make- You can simply use apple cider vinegar to make bone broth for your dog. Add bones in apple cider vinegar for a few days. This contains high in nutrients and makes it one of the best foods for dogs. 

Benefits of this food for dogs

  • Improves digestion 
  • Strong Gut health- Improving gut health is most important. That’s why it’s one of the best foods for dogs. 
  • Detoxify the liver 
  • Reduce inflammation 
  • Strengthens muscles, Improves bone health. 
  • Source of good minerals. 
  • Immune system strengthen. 

These are some fewer benefits of bone broth for your dog. This quality makes it one of the best foods for dogs. 

Now make a love bowl of bone broth for your dog. 


Carrots are best foods for dogs.

Want good dental health for your dog? Well, if Yes. Switch to carrots as it’s one of the best foods for dogs. 

Provides your dog with long dental life. It helps remove plaque from their teeth. 

Your dog needs to eat carrots for a Beautiful coat and soft skin. Loaded with Vitamin A carrots are one of the best foods for dogs. 

Improve your dog’s dental health with some carrots. Rich in Vitamin A carrots help to improve their immune system. Now treat your loved one with this best food for dogs. 

However, before feeding your dog take into consideration the amount you are feeling. For dogs, too much of Vitamin A can be toxic. Make sure to feed them carrots to get a smooth a soft coat. 

Raw Goat Milk 

Goat milk for dogs

Goat milk is one source of essential nutrients for your dog. Goat milk proudly take this place as one of the best food for dogs. 

Raw and unpasteurized milk has it all that your dog needs. Lots of Vitamins. Probiotics and proteins in this food for dogs. 

The list might just go on about the benefits of raw milk. Apart from that, raw Goat Milk is less allergic to dogs. Which makes it one of the best foods for dogs. 

Dogs have a whole completely different immune system. The digestion process is also different from humans. And when it comes to goat milk it is easier to digest. 

To start, you can serve your dog with about a ¼ cup of Raw milk. Depending on the size and weight of the dog you can increase the quantity of milk. Good health for your dog in this amazing food. Raw milk is no doubt one of the best foods for dogs. 

White Rice 

White rice for dogs.

Rice is an essential part of the diet for humans. But, when it comes to dogs. Should you feed some white rice to your dog. 

The answer is Yes. But before feeding rice to your dog. Please make sure to keep certain things in mind. 

  • As usual, you can feed a dog with white rice. 
  • To be particular, dogs having diabetes should avoid rice. 
  • Small amounts of rice for dogs are ideal source of Proteins. 

Is your dog having an upset stomach? Well, white rice can treat his upset stomach. 

Cooked white rice has a great amount of nutrients. It helps bind stool and relieves an upset stomach. No doubt white rice is one of the best foods for dogs. 

Make sure to keep it in amounts as the rice can increase the sugar level of dogs. Apart from that, it’s one of the best foods for dogs. 

Organ Meats 

Healthy foods for dogs- Organ meat

Want healthy food for dogs? Organ meat is crucial and one must add at least 10% of it to a dog’s diet. 

Organs’ meat includes the kidney, liver, brain, pancreas, stomach, and other organs. As we eat some of these organs we know how nutritional they are. 

Every organ meat has some nutrients that your dog needs. Organ meat is no doubt one of the most healthy foods for your dog. 

Organic meats are more beneficial for dogs. The bone broth is important and so do the organ meat. 

They are also referred to as a blood tonics. One must add this nutritional value to their loved dog’s diet. Organ meat makes a place in one of the best foods for dogs. 


Eggs for dogs

Are Eggs suitable for dogs to eat? This is the most frequent question that a dog owner thinks of. 

Well, the answer is sure Yes. Your dog can get a nice amount of protein from eggs. Eggs can be one of the sources that is a powerhouse of health. But, while serving them eggs there are certain precautions. 

First of all, dogs shouldn’t be fed raw eggs. Eggs are high in amino acids and proteins. 

Keeping certain things in mind you can sure feed your dog some egg. You can serve your dog with the appropriate amount of egg depending on size and weight. 

  • High in protein and amino acids. 
  • Rich in all vitamins. 
  • Omega 
  • Rich antioxidants 
  • Calcium and zinc contain 

It’s no doubt that eggs can be served to dogs and are one of the best foods for dogs. Healthy foods for dogs should contain eggs. 

Dairy products for dogs

Dairy products in dogs diet

Dairy products that are suitable for dogs are milk, cheese, Yogurt. But, in a small quantity, these foods for dogs are the best. 

As in humans, more dairy products can cause some digestive problems. So do dogs. You can feed some small portions of dairy items to your dog. 

Note this- lots of dairy products consumption is not good for your dog’s health. 

Some dogs have lactose intolerance. In such cases don’t feed your dog with dairy products. 

Apart from that a small number of dairy products are healthy for your dog. 

Plain Popcorn

Popcorns for dogs- food for dogs

Does your dog have a mid-snaking habit like you? Well, now your dog can have a snack party with you. Popcorns are one of the best foods for dogs. 

Plain Popcorns with no salt or flavors are one of the best foods for dogs. A nutritional snack treat for your dog. 

Why is popcorns so good for dogs? Cause if potassium contains popcorns are one of the best foods for dogs. 

High in minerals including potassium, magnesium, and zinc. Keep your dog Healthy with this best food for dogs. 

But when feeding them any of the popcorn. Make sure to keep them untreated and not adding spices. Also, the most important thing is dogs should not eat any unpopped corn. The hard kernels of popcorn can make them choke

 Make sure to feed them only popped popcorns.   

What is the best food to feed my dog?

Instinct RawBoost Mixers.
Orijen Original Dry Dog Food.
Organic Chicken & Oatmeal Dry Dog Food.
Zignature Lamb Limited Ingredient Canned Dog Food.
Freshpet Fresh From the Kitchen.
The Farmer’s Dog.
Only Natural Pet MaxMeat Air-Dried Dog Food.
Rachael Ray Nutrish Supermedleys.

What is the most natural diet for a dog?

Muscle meat, often still on the bone.
Bones, either whole or ground.
Organ meats such as livers and kidneys.
Raw eggs.
Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery.
Apples or other fruit.
Some dairy, such as yogurt.

What foods are bad for dogs?

The following foods may be dangerous to your pet:
Alcoholic beverages.
Apple seeds.
Apricot pits.
Cherry pits.
Candy (particularly chocolate—which is toxic to dogs, cats, and ferrets—and any candy containing the toxic sweetener Xylitol)
Coffee (grounds, beans, and chocolate-covered espresso beans)

Are bananas good for dogs?

Can Dogs Have Bananas? Yes, dogs can have bananas. They may not get all the nutritional benefits humans get from this fruit, but bananas make a good—and motivating—treat. If you’re wondering “Can puppies eat bananas?”, check with your veterinarian.

Can I feed my dog chicken every day?

Considering how many dog foods contain chicken as an ingredient, it’s a safe bet that you can feed your dog chicken. In fact, it’s a good source of protein, and cooked chicken can even be substituted for or added to his regular meal.

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