8 Best foods in Summer-Protect yourself naturally

Summers over the head, and sun’s heat soaking out sweat. You need food to get that energy to bear this heat. Take a note of these foods to eat in Summer to make you surge the best. 

You are what you eat. And once the heat attacked your skin you need to keep it protected from this mess. Dirt, oil and pollution can make your skin full in summer. You need to keep your body cool and hydrated in summer. Infact in summers your one goal is the summer food. Food that keep you cool and hydrated. Keep that in mind when choosing what food to eat in Summers. 

To help you take care of your skin I have listed best foods in summer. 

Kick out a bit on grilled sandwiches and start eating foods that are available in season. 

Tomatoes- Best summer food for Summer 

Tomatoes are one of the best foods in Summer

Start with basic food to eat in summer. Tomatoes are easily available in all seasons. But, specially recommended as one of the best food in summer. Filled with antioxidants, and Vitamins. 

You won’t regret getting a skin glow just by eating tomatoes in summer. 

What’s so special about tomatoes? Want to protect your skin against UV rays naturally. Well, eat one tomato before bed. Keeps you hydrated and young. Acts as a natural sun protection. 

All in all, tomato is one of the best food in summer. 

Melons- Best food in summer to keep you hydrated 

Melons are best food to eat in Summers

Melons don’t need an introduction. No doubt it’s one of the best food in summer. Tasty treat for you in this package give you cooling and refreshing feeling. Melons are something a skin glow lover will not miss in Summer. 

A fun way to eat melons is the one freshly cut. But, melons are soulmates of smoothies, salads, juices and deserts. Melons improve blood flow and is one of the best foods in summer to eat. 

Eat fresh melons for more benefits. 

Mushrooms- Best summer food 

Mushrooms are great summer food

Mushrooms on your plate this summers. Say bye to burgers here is an amazing alternative to grills. Want a substitute for chicken in burgers no other than mushrooms. 

Healthy heart and mushrooms goes along. Grill some mushrooms in olive oil to maximise it’s effect. Mushrooms are one of the best foods in Summer. 

In Summers to replace your meat you mushrooms are the best option. Make a grill with these mushrooms and veggies. 

Good for weight loss and one of the Healthy food in Summer. 

Cucumbers- Cooling and refreshing food in summer 

Cucumbers are best summer food

No need to mention the benefits of cucumbers in summer. Stay cool with a refreshing chunk of cucumbers on your plate. Ideally goes with salads in summer. 

A crunchy and refreshing bite of cucumber is best food in summer. Loaded with antioxidants is an ideal food for summers. 

Also, helps in reducing risk of hypertension. Reduces blood pressure and is one of the best food in summers. 

A glass of cucumber juice is must in Summers. Instant cooling and rejuvenating. Cucumbers on your plate and summers heat out of your body. This super veggie is ideal and best food in Summer.

Ceviche, Easy and Healthy food in Summers 

Salad to eat in Summer

Are you familiar with Ceviche? Well, if not. Ceviche is a salad type which is one of the best food in summers. 

Without a doubt just replace one meal with Ceviche or any salad. Salads are one of the best Healthy foods in Summers. 

In Summer, many of you might be feeling to not eat. Due to increased heat you might just skip your meal. To cut out this problem just replace your lunch or dinner with Ceviche. 

This dish is originated in Latin American. This Latin American dish has goodness of Vitamins and antioxidants. Totally, easy to make and ideally one of the best foods in Summer. 

To slim down your belly pouch and get a slim tummy opt for Chives. No doubt, it’s one of the best foods in Summer. 


Cherries are best summer food

Who doesn’t love cherries. These red treats are one of the most Healthy food in summers to eat. 

Hand picked, colourful cherries are the most sweet food in Summer. Research also has found that cherries helps reduce white fat in the body. 

Antioxidants and anti ageing cherries have power to put glow on your face. When the sun is damaging your skin in Summer. Cherries are ideal and best foods in Summer. 

What to lose some weight this Summer? Cherries are ideal for you then. Helps in increasing metabolism. Burns calories and rejuvenates the skin. No doubt cherries are one of the best food in summer. 

Grape fruit, Best food in Summer enriched with Vitamins 

Best food in Summer to eat

Want some Vitamin treat? Grapefruit, packed with Vitamins are one of the best food in Summer to eat. 

An ideal breakfast after you are done with the heat of the sun. Enjoy this amazing food in Summer which helps you rejuvenate and get Beautiful skin. 

Vitamin will never disappoint you. Eat a grapefruit in a day for few weeks and you will see positive results. Vitamin content in grape fruit is best food in summer for skincare. 

Stabilises insulin level in your body. Sweet and most tasty food in Summer to eat. Satisfy your sweet tooth with this amazing food in Summer. No doubt, Grape fruit is one of the best foods in Summer to eat. 

Iced coffee, Cooling drink in Summer 

Iced coffee, Cooling drink in Summer

Everyone Favourite drink! Whether it be Summer, winter or monsoon we need coffee. But, in summers chill your coffee and have a sweet Summer day. 

Craving to have something cold and sweet in Summer? Nothing’s best than Iced Coffee. Creamy and chocolatey iced coffee is one of the best food in Summer. 

Helps in reducing weight. Just make sure not to add much sugar in it. Too much sugar in Summer is also not good. 

If diabetic you should reduce the sugar quantity in Iced Coffee. All in all, the dark chocolate in coffee is one of the best foods in Summer. Try to get natural coffee or add some dark chocolate in your coffee. 

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