Best places to visit in Uttarakhand

Best places to visit in Uttarakhand Place in Northern India, best known for its scenic beauty. An enchanting view in the laps of the Himalayas. An upcoming Tourist place that is gaining much attention. A place filled with Char Dhams, spirituality and natural beauty. I have listed top places to visit in Uttarakhand with friends.

When it comes to Uttarakhand the land is known for its fun and adventure activities. It’s not just about the nature’s beauty.

Uttarakhand has got valleys, mountains, lakes, caves and forests for Tourists. People visiting Uttarakhand totally fall for its beauty. Are you on a honeymoon trip to Uttarakhand? Well, here a good thing for you. Uttarakhand is totally a dreamy place for couples and friends. The lakes and viewpoints here are exotic and lovely.

Totally a good shot for you if you are searching for best places in Uttarakhand for couples and friends. Listed most amazing places in Uttarakhand for friends and couples.

Mussorrie , best place in Uttarakhand

Mussorrie- top hill station of Uttarakhand

No explanation for this place needed. The great writer Ruskin bond was in love with Mussorrie. He has left prints of his love for Mussorrie in his novels and short stories. Situated in North India. Aprrox. 290 km from Delhi and at height of 7000 ft. You will find many amazing Himalayan range view here. Tourist places in Mussorrie are one of the popular sites people prefer to. Nature lovers, be ready to fall for this place.

Mussorrie or more specifically called as “Queen of Hills”. The scene has a backdrop is of snow covered mountains. Spot the amazing snow and trees covered with snow. Shivalik mountains line here when seen from top. The cozy cold weather is highlight of this place. Many couples rate this place one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand.

Mussorrie is famous for pleasant climate, romantic spots, adventure, and camping. If you are here for some sports? Dive into some winter sports activities like Snow fight, Paragliding, boating, Rafting, waterfalls, trekking and many.

If you love to shop, Mussorrie has got Mall road for you. The Mall road is sometimes covered with snow and shops are lighted with lamp. This beautiful market shopping will get you feel of been in foreign country.

Get varieties of woollens, handicrafts, mufflers, and much more here. In market there are many shops serving soups, noodles, tea and other eateries.

Another major attraction here is Ropeway ride. Ropeway ride in Mussorrie is epic. The scenic view that you will experience of snowy mountains is incredible. Many architecture of British era have left back here. One of the favourite Tourist places in Uttarakhand for British.

Things to do in Mussorrie Interesting facts about Mussorrie Best time to visit Best hotels in Mussorrie

Nainital- Top hill station of Uttarakhand

Nainital known for its Beauty. Best places in Uttarakhand for couples

Nainital, located in Komaon region of Uttarakhand. Popular as the Gem of Uttarakhand. This place is known as Gem for many reasons. This hill station is are settled at the foothills of Kumaon. The Gem is highlighted to have picturesque Naini lake and the dramatic Mall road. Mall road is capturing many eyes because of colourful stores, shops, restaurants, and hotels.

At height of 1938 meters Nainital have an eye-catching view of snowy hills and valleys. The place has Many beautiful places like Naini lake, Snow view Point, and Nainital Wildlife. For the aura and climate of the place the place is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. The cold breezes make the place best for couples and honeymooners.

If you are visiting here with friends. Take hand over adventure activities like Paragliding, trekking, mount climbing, camping and much more. The boating and river rafting is great for friends hangout. Whether you go boating or shopping you should definitely try most famous attraction of Uttarakhand which is Rope way ride.


The place holds the title of “Yoga Capital of India”. Located on the foothills of banks of Ganga and Chandrabhha river. Small town in Dehradun. You will see many Western spiritual seekers in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is no doubt on top 3 position of best places to visit in Uttarakhand. Rishikesh has bliss of adventure, yoga, Temples, ancient structures and popular cafes. This holy place gathers millions of pilgrims every year.

The people experience eternal peace, meditate and calming environment. The Ashram of Maharishi Mahesh yogi is main Tourist attraction here.

The place has other side of adventure other than spirituality. The adventure activities like River Rafting, Mountain biking, Bungee jumping and Paragliding are popular. The place has variety of tasty vegetarian food treats. The sweets of Rishikesh are world famous. Non- veg is strictly prohibited in Rishikesh. Don’t forget to visit Lakshman Jhula where most famous restaurants, ashrams, and cafes are located.


Winter capital of Uttarakhand. Best place in Uttarakhand for Tourists

Capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun is most famous attraction in Uttarakhand. The picturesque scenery of Dehradun is beyond words. Mostly the place is rated at top by many travellers. The place deserve the respect cause of the scenery and adventure options here. The hill station is in Doon valley and called as ” The Winter Capital of Uttarakhand”.

The scene is capturing the Garhawal Himalayas snow mountains. Every winter sports are available in here. Favourite of them are River Rafting, trekking, snow fighting and mountain biking. Apart from that it is popular for mesmerising sunset view. If you are here with friends, partner or childrens the place will completely satisfy you.

The most highlighting part of Dehradun is that it’s close to Mussorrie. Mussorrie is blessed with amazing view of snow mountain.

If you are searching for best place in Dehradun. Don’t miss Robber Cave. Experience the explicit view of relaxing sunset, Nature and lush green mountains. Things to do- birdwatching, lake sightseeing, waterfalls.

Loved Dehradun- Dehradun has a lot more amazing destinations for couples and friends trip. Check out complete guide on Dehradun tourism. Best places to visit in Dehradun for all.

Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers

This blooming alpine flowers site has a beautiful white background of snow covered hills. It also is home to many medical herbs. The place is highlighted because of story of Ramayana. It’s believed that Hanuman got medicine for Lakshman from here.

The park is purest and calm as no human settlement in park. Park has got many different types of birds. Trekking is also a great option in here. Valley of Flowers has amazing collection of wild strawberries in hand.

Not just water bed the place has amazing waterfall for your fun. Dip your feet into the cold cold water. The gushing sound of water and the aura of fresh flowers will heal you. Sink into the beauty of Valley of flowers which is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand.


Almora- old city of Uttarakhand

Capped in the laps of Himalayan range. A perfect place anyone will recommend you to refuge from hectic busy life. Head over to Almora which is Horse shaped hill station. Famous for lush green mountains, rich heritage, wildlife and nature bliss.

The place is also known to have home of most famous Temples. The popular sites like Nanda Devi temple, Maa Dunaguri temple, Patal Devi temple, are residing here in Almora.

Almora promises you to have fun with nature and fun activities here. The river of Koshi and Suyal have enchanting Beauty in them.

To have a treat, Almora has got arrange of amazing restaurants. These restaurants serves great lip smacking dishes in Lai Inn and many others. Almora is known for its cuisine and you must try it definitely.

Although, I wonder how to define it’s magnificent Beauty which can be compared with most beautiful places in world. Truly, Almora is deserves to be one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. The bracing climate, scenery, shopping is best for you. Mostly couples and honeymooners head over to Almora for some quality time with nature.

FAQ’s about Uttarakhand places

What are best places to visit in Uttarakhand for couples?

A- Uttarakhand is filled with tons of amazing Tourist places. Mostly August to September is best time to visit Uttarakhand as the place has cold climate. The top 3 places in Uttarakhand.
Mussorrie- A complete your guide will recommend you this place. One of the most exciting place with amazing scenery. Scenic view, mountains, snow are highlights of the place. When it comes to adventure and fun this place is always on top. Paragliding, Rafting, camping, water sports and much more here.
Nainital- Located in Himalayan range. Snow Viewpoint is the most highlighting place in Nainital. If you come to Nainital you will find many amazing activities in Nainital. Snow, sports, adventure haults in Nainital. Naini lake is the must visit place in Uttarakhand.
Auli- A hill station is Uttarakhand. Known for its blissful nature. Close to nature, mistful place where you can enjoy nature. Best to visit in August. What are coldest places in Uttarakhand?A- As Uttarakhand is blessed in laps of Himalayan range. It’s cold and cozy climate attracts tourists around the world. When talking about coldest place in Uttarakhand. Auli comes on the top. Auli is recorded to 4.3 degree Celsius. Most popular for its cozy climate and panoramic view.

What are top hill stations in Uttarakhand? Best hill stations in Uttarakhand for Tourists?

A- Mussorrie, Nainital, Auli, Almora and Ranikhet are top hill stations in Uttarakhand.

Is Uttarakhand safe?

A- Uttarakhand is totally safe for Tourists. It’s also safe even for solo travellers. As the government here promotes great facilities for Tourists. Are there direct flights to Uttarakhand

Are there direct flights to Uttarakhand?

A- Most of the flights take off from Delhi to Uttarakhand. Apart from that, Dehradun, Mumbai, and other big cites have direct flights to Uttarakhand.

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