Best foods for Pregnancy-Add HEALTH in your diet

Pregnant? Hungry? Well, when you are pregnant you have to not just think about filling yourself. The baby inside you also needs proper nutrition. And on the other hand everyone’s suggesting you to eat healthy. 

For your convenience I have listed best foods for Pregnancy. These foods will serve you and your baby with proper nutrition. 

Just a few things you have to note while eating. Else you are good to go. Focus more on eating healthy and homemade. 

Healthy fruits and foods in Pregnancy

Focus on getting more of- 

  • Proteins 
  • Vitamins and minerals 
  • Fiber and fruits 
  • Healthy fats 
  • Complex Carbohydrates 
  • Fluids  

A few quick facts about eating in pregnancy  

  • Your calorie intake increases during Pregnancy. 
  • You will notice weight gain which is normal in pregnancy. It’s not because you are overeating. 
  • Take more iron intake. 

Not too exaggerate and let’s plan a healthy diet with these list of best foods to eat in pregnancy. 

Broccoli, Best food in pregnancy for ladies

Broccoli to eat in Pregnancy. Best foods for Pregnancy

Portion- At Least thrice a week. 

In pregnancy you need to have fresh vegetables. But here is a separate mention of Broccoli.

Well, Broccoli needs a separate mention cause of its benefits. Packed with nutrients you need in Pregnancy. 

Rich in Calcium and folate. Rich in antioxidants. Must have food I pregnancy for mothers. 

You can list a whole bunch of Vitamins from Broccoli like Vitamin C, A, and K. 

Make a good start for you and your baby with broccoli. To add up more to its benefits eat Broccoli with brown rice. 

Try out recipes to consume Broccoli in a healthy and tasty way. 

Fruits and vegetables are one of the best foods in Pregnancy

Fruits and vegetables are one of the best foods in Pregnancy

Portion- 2-3 portions a day. 

Fruits and green vegetables are no surprise. These are definitely one of the best foods in Pregnancy. 

You can have a bunch of slices of mixed fruits in a day. Fruits not only keep you hydrated but also makes your skin glow. 

In pregnancy eating fruits can make your baby skin soft and smooth. 

Vegetables soup is also a great option of you don’t like to eat veggies. 

Kale and spinach are the best foods for Pregnancy in vegetables. Rich in Vitamin A, C and K. Nourish your body with this fruits and vegetables. 

Dairy products, foods for Pregnancy

A bit Surprised. Dairy products in Pregnancy. Is it good for your health. 

Yes. Absolutely Dairy products are one of the best foods for Pregnancy. An appropriate daily intake of Dairy products will help you put on some healthy weight. 

In pregnancy you need to stay healthy. Extra protein and calcium is essential for you. To make your baby healthy consume dairy products like yogurt, cheese, and milk. 

Dairy products give you enough Vitamins, minerals and Calcium. Greek yogurt is one of the best foods for Pregnancy. Good bacteria in Greek yogurt is essential for you. 

A low fat milk is a healthy option for you in pregnancy. If you are searching for best foods in pregnancy you should start with dairy products. 

Sweet Potatoes, A vitamin source food in Pregnancy

Favourite of all moms. Sweet Potatoes are one of the most essential food in Pregnancy you should eat. 

A boiled sweet potatoes is rich in beta carotene. Rich in Vitamin A. A good and healthy food for pregnancy. 

One medium sized sweet potato can fill up up with goodness of nutrients. Eat Sweet potato in the morning breakfast or in between snack option. 

Sweet Potatoes are known to reduce blood sugar spikes. Now get healthy with sweet potato on your plate. 

Salmon, Fish in Pregnancy

Salman fish is one of the best foods for Pregnancy

Needs no introduction! This is for sure one of the best food in pregnancy to eat. 

Most common food in Asia for Beautiful skin. But it’s one of the best food for Pregnancy. 

Rich in Omega 3 and fatty acids. You should definitely eat Salmon atleast twice a week. No doubt it’s one of the best food in Pregnancy to increase your health. 

Smoked or grilled? How you like to eat Salmon. In many countries Salmon is eaten raw to get all it’s important nutrients. 

To make eyes and brain strong of your baby. Eat Salmon fish in plenty. 

But not too much! This rich source of Vitamin A should not be eaten excessively. On one hand you should eat Salmon. And on the other hand avoid these fishes as they may contain high Mercury. 

  • swordfish
  • shark
  • marlin
  • king mackerel
  • bigeye tuna
  • tilefish 

Eggs and Meat Rich source of protein in Pregnancy

One of the best foods in Pregnancy

Want Protein to get ultimate healthy life. Eggs and Meat is ideal food in pregnancy for both mother and baby. The protein content in Eggs and meat is one of the best foods in Pregnancy. 

An egg alone has about 80 calories, fats and healthy proteins. Eggs have most important nutrient needed in pregnancy. It contains Choline. Choline is an essential nutrient in pregnancy. 

Brain and bone development are most essential properties of eating eggs and Meat. 

Egg and chickpea scramble is one great food in pregnancy. You can eat eggs and Meat however you like. But, you should consider eating homely cooked food in pregnancy. 

Meat increases hemoglobin and red blood cells in baby. 

Legumes in Pregnancy

If you are not familiar what legumes are. Legumes are a healthy source of nutrients like peas, chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts and beans. 

When it comes to legumes a small amount of legumes in your diet also works magic. Add few legumes in your rice, curry or salad to get most of the nutrition. One of the best foods for Pregnancy are legumes. No doubt in that. 

Why are legumes so healthy? Legumes are plant based nutrition. Which makes it one of the best foods for Pregnancy. Rich in all nutrients and proteins. 

You can eat a small amount of legumes on daily basis. High in fiber, iron and Potassium. 


Berries food for Pregnancy

Love berries? Who won’t be loving this amazing food. Both tasty and healthy. All girls crave for berries as they provide Healthy and glowing skin. But as a mother you should definitely go for berries to have your baby with soft and smooth skin. 

A hand full of berries like strawberry, blue berries, mulberry, raspberry and many others are best foods to eat in pregnancy. 

A berry shake with low fat milk is a wonderful food in pregnancy for you. With goodness of antioxidants and Vitamins. Berries make a good food option to eat in pregnancy. Tasty and yummy berries will make you and your baby’s skin glowing. 

A great snack option for morning or in between. Goji berries and acai berries are are one of the best foods to eat in pregnancy. A blueberry smoothie is one great food option for healthy start of the day. 

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