8 best places to visit in Dubai for an exotic trip with friends

Dubai, place known for its rich architecture and attractions. For the whole world Dubai is hotspot for a exotic vacation. Dubai’s most amazing Burj Khalifa and other great architectures are drivingtourist mad. All the attractions are best places to visit in Dubai. You will get a complete list of rich places you must visit in Dubai.

The towers in Dubai are renowned as worlds tallest towers. The luxurious hotel in Dubai will make sure to stun you. From luxurious buildings to Desert Safari all attractions in Dubai worth every penny. Tourists have a great precision of every attractions in Dubai. Dive into the list of most exotic best places to visit in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa, a 124 floors tallest tower in the world. Burj Khaliifa is one of the magnificent towers in the world. This tower is one of a marvel of 21st Century. Dubai, Dubai’s, places in Dubai, most exotic places in Dubai, must-visit places in Dubai,most visited place in Dubai,

The tallest tower stands on the place of one of the most exotic places in Dubai. On every list, Burj Khaliifa holds no.1 place. 

Standing 2,700 mts. in height with 8 escalators and 57 elevators. The luxuries halt inside the tower. The interior designs are glorious. Intricate patterns depict Islamic architecture. 

The tower has a beautiful fountain which is taking the eye of everyone. The fountain is lighted with 6,600 lights which look so magnificent. The fountain holds the 2nd place of the largest fountain. 

The interiors will blow your mind. The tower shines with glory in night lights. You will get to see the scenic view of the city with luxurious buildings around. 

Your Dubai trip is not over without having a Burj Khalifa trip. One of the must-visit places in Dubai has Burj Khalifa’s name on top. 

Tip- Get an advanced booking here to avoid the last-minute hustle. 

Timings: From 8 am to 3 pm. And from 3.30 pm to 6 pm.

Price:  AED: 136.45, INR: 2580, USD: 37.15

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah of Dubai

Dubai’s magnificent artificial islands created in the waters of the Persian Gulf. Palm Island are 2 islands named Palm Jumeirah and the Palm Jebel Ali. The islands are depicting the palm shape. 

A range of Tourists is attracted to this place making it the most visited place in Dubai. 

If you love to see the luxurious towers and buildings you should visit Palm Jumeirah. The island is the most expensive project in Dubai. Here, you can have a look at luxurious houses and buildings. 

Jumeirah is divided into sectors named spine, fronds, trunk and crescent. The entrance is a huge trunk connected to a beautiful bridge. You can have fun in the vehicular tunnel that connects crescent to spine. Palm is lined with luxurious apartments, hotels, villas, resorts and towers. 

The offshore is developed for a view similar to shaping a palm tree. Palm is the most picturesque model of architecture in Dubai. 

Tourists prefer to take a view of Pal islands from the top by aeroplane, skyscrapers and high rising buildings. 

For a trip in Palm, islands don’t miss out to watch the lost Chamber Aquarium and adventure water park. The islands have got many places to enjoy the speed boat ride for you. If you can stretch a little more on your pockets try the thrilling helicopter ride in Dubai. Dive into the list of never-ending things to do in Dubai. 

Dubai Mall

Dubai's Mall

Attracts major tourists to see the sprawling structure of Dubai’s glorious mall. One of the most visited places in Dubai has the name of this mall in the top 3. Not an ordinary but Dubai’s Mall is the worlds largest mall. 

Apart from the shopping mall is home to shopping festivals. Coming over 500,000 square meters and having more than 1200 stores in all. The vicious interiors look magnificent and intricate the luxuries of the world.

Interiors are glorified with luxurious shops, cafes and much more. Tourists rate this Mall one of the best malls for shopping in the world. Attracting over 54 million tourists every year making it one of the best places in Dubai. 

The mall is highlighted to have 22 movie screens 10 cafes and 14000 car parking spaces. The aquarium is the most fun part of the mall and is awarded for it’s interior designs and infrastructure. 

Take a whole day for this huge beautiful mall. Great place for your amusement has got Underwater zoo. Walkthrough aquarium is the most famous attraction in Dubai. Amazing collection of 300 species of aquatic animals will drive you crazy. Gaming zone and cinema complexes are other best things for you. Pack a whole day here with leisureful activities at the mall. 

Timings: Sunday – Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM,

Thursday – Saturday: 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM

Entry Fee: No Entry Fee

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab Dubai's

Burj Al Arab, 3rd tallest tower in the world. Want a trip to most luxurious hotels in Dubai? This eye stealing majestic hotel will make you feel the royalty. 

Burj Al Arab is 56 floor base on Artificial Island of Jumeira. The world-class hotel made in the shape of a sail of Dhow. Caters many tourists and serves as the most visited place in Dubai. 

This hotel has got a scenic view of the city with shiny limousines and helipad. The hotel has a magnificent fountain which has its glory. You will see many luxurious features with an admirable lobby and halls. The rooms are 203 in total with intricate interiors. If you are lucky you can get your butler and enjoy the royal food. The view is breathtaking and is pure bliss. You can explore amazing casinos, bars, Wadiwadi water park, Jumeriah, bars and much more. 

Things to explore in Burj hotel starts with a luxurious hotel spa, Skybar view, Aromatherapy and much more. Take reservation before in advance. 

Timings: 24 hours.

Time Required: 2-3 hours

Entry Fee: Restaurant/Tea Reservation 

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai's aquarium

Exotic aquarium in Dubai’s mall. Located in the Mall of Dubai. A grand aquarium with more than 33,000 marine animals and 10 million litres of water hold in this aquarium. It’s one of the largest aquaria in Dubai. This aquarium will give you a chance to see the aquatic life and amazing water. You will have an enthralling experience here on rocky shores and living oceans. 

The tank is a plethora of aquatic life with VR zoo. It is one of the most famous tourist places in Dubai. You can Walk through the magnificent tunnel led with blue waters. You will feel like you live underwater with fishes like a mermaid. 

Showcasing the glittering view of oceans by highlighting the blue sea. 

Desert Safari in Dubai

Dubai Desert

Want to take a Desert Safari? Deserts in Dubai are perfect for adventurous steak. You should try this adventurous Safari ride in never-ending deserts of Dubai. Dubai greatly known for its infrastructure have a different side of beautiful deserts. 

Many tourists have rated this ride the most existing in Dubai. People always have a great trip here having worth for money experience. 

The most fun part is you can enjoy desert camping and delighting Arabian dinner. Best plan to trip here with your family and friends. Enjoy the beautiful art of Belly dance with traditional dancers. The desert trip halts at many places for photos, sunset, camel farms, sandboarding, camel ride. 

You will be always on with this safari ride. That’s why people rate this place one of the best places to visit in Dubai. The sunset at the Desert looks blooming and orange. To give your tastebuds a treat enjoy safari’s most famous BBQ treat. BBQ treat is one of the must-try food here. The dinner is delighting with amazing belly dance. Take a trip to this most fun place in Dubai. 

Timings: 8:30 AM to 10.00 PM

Morning Safari – 8.30 AM to 11.30 AM

Evening Safari – Starts around 3.00 PM 

Dubai Fountain

Fountains famous

Dubai Fountain, the world’s tallest fountain reaching a height of 900 feet. The stunning fountain in between of Burj khalifa Lake. This marvellous fountain attracts thousands of flocks every day. 

Spend an exotic evening at worlds glorious fountain. Experience nightlife in Dubai with this exotic place. The fountain is designed with 6,600 lights with 25 colour projectors. The evening shines in the glory of the fountain. 

For the most fun part is you will have fun with the music played on different rhythms and songs. The fountains hold around 22000 gallons of water in the air at every moment. The spectacular view of the fountain is breathtaking and majestic. You should have a fun evening at this breathtaking fountain. Rated top by tourists as one of the best places to visit in Dubai for nightlife. 

Dubai’s Marina

Night life

As we all know Dubai is a hotspot for most tourists nowadays. To see the flourishing lifestyle of Dubai with its Exotic locations. For you, Dubai has got one more exotic location, Dubai’s Marina. 

Marina is popularly recognisable for its Exotic beaches. The city is luminate and luxurious. You will encounter many smart cafes, markets, Big malls and much more.

Hit the exotic beach in Dubai’s Marina. Get endless fun activities on the beach. Water parks, beaches and much more. Take a stroll in marina to see scenic view. The cosmopolitan side of the city will make you go crazy.

The evening is fun here by seeing sunset on cruises. Luxury location and stunning sites of marina will not fail to impress you. Get the floor hit on Zero Gravity floor of Dubai. Many amazing attractions in Dubai will hold your breath.

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Which are the best places in Dubai for 2 days trip?

A- Dubai is a place where you have to spend atleast a week. The magestic structures in Dubai will take your notice. The place is one of the riches and elegant in the world. Burj khalifa, Aquarium of Dubai, Dubai mall are some of the most amazing places for 2 day trip.

Are there any places in Dubai where I can go for free?

A- The streets in Al Seed are best to capture for free. To entertain you there are many shows on the street for free. You can get free road tripfor free. You can visit beach library and can visit souls for free

What is not allowed in Dubai?

A- As being in Dubai you have to follow certain rules. Don’t be drunk in public. Swearing us not allowed in public. Aas Islam is the main religion of Dubai. You should not insult Islam. You shouldn’t use left hand for hand shake and eating.

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