Best Foods for Pregnancy

Pregnant? Hungry? Well, when you are pregnant you have to not just think about filling yourself.



Portion- At Least thrice a week. In pregnancy, you need to have fresh vegetables. But here is a separate mention of Broccoli.


Fruits and vegetables

Portion- 2-3 portions a day. Fruits and green vegetables are no surprise. These are definitely some of the best foods in Pregnancy.


Dairy products

A bit Surprised. Dairy products in Pregnancy. Is it good for your health? Yes. Absolutely Dairy products are one of the best foods for Pregnancy. An appropriate daily intake of Dairy products will help you put on some healthy weight.


Sweet Potatoes

Favorite of all moms. Sweet Potatoes are one of the most essential food in Pregnancy you should eat. A boiled sweet potato is rich in beta carotene. Rich in Vitamin A. Good and healthy food for pregnancy.


Salmon, Fish

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Eggs and Meat

Want Protein to get ultimate healthy life. Eggs and Meat are ideal food in pregnancy for both mother and baby. The protein content in eggs and meat is one of the best foods in Pregnancy.


Legumes in Pregnancy

If you are not familiar with what legumes are. Legumes are a healthy source of nutrients like peas, chickpeas, soybeans, peanuts, and beans.



Love berries? Who won’t be loving this amazing food? Both tasty and healthy. All girls crave berries as they provide healthy and glowing skin.


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