Abu Dhabi Tourism Must Visit Places in Abu Dhabi

Hello guys I am your Host A R Siddiqui today we are going to talk about ABU DHABI the must-visit places during Abu Dhabi Tourism and also about the places which is recommended by the Abu Dhabi Tourism So Lets Begin,,,,,


  • Saadiyat Public Beach
  • Al Lulu Island
  • Mushrif Central Park
  • Marina Mall
  • Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre
  • Qasr al-Hosn
  • Heritage Village
  • Safaris
  • Ferrari World
  • Marina Eye
  • Emirates Palace and Park Zoo
  • Warner Bros World

Abu Dhabi is the prized jewel of the United Arab Emirates, located on an island in the Persian Gulf. This city is a blend of traditional ethos, modern culture, architecture, beaches, sports activities, and premium shopping plazas. Being one of the largest and the most developed cities in the Middle East, Abu Dhabi has a lot to offer to tourists, as well as professionals.

So, whether you travel for a leisure trip or a business trip, do take out time to visit and explore these mesmerizing places to visit in Abu Dhabi and experience the best of the Middle East.

Saadiyat Public Beach Abu Dhabi

One of the most happening and amongst Abu Dhabi Tourism:s most visited tourist places, this beach offers you both, the comfort to relax, recline and rejuvenate along with an adventurous ambience. According to your preference, you can either chill out at the bistros, cafes, sitting areas, and shops or you can indulge in adrenaline-pumping water sports such as kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, or beach fitness classes.

Al Lulu Island Abu Dhabi

A hub of exciting activities, this island stretches from Abu Dhabi Breakwater to the Zayed Sea Port. It is one of the most popular beaches with azure water and a variety of beach activities that you definitely would want to try your hands at for some fun and enjoyment. Whenever you visit this island, don’t forget to visit the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium and St. Joseph Catholic Church

Mushrif Central Park– Abu Dhabi Tourism

A heaven for nature lovers, this park was initially only meant for women and children. It is an active urban park located in the central part of the city and a must-visit place on the Abu Dhabi Tourism sightseeing list.

Things to do: Visit the Animal Barn, Botanical garden, children’s garden, wisdom garden, and Park Pavilion

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi

Overloaded with luxury this is one of the best places to visit in Abu Dhabi for extravagant shopping. Located near the Emirates Palace Hotel, this mall is a mix of leisure, entertainment, and fashion.

Things to do: Movies, bowling, ice skating and shopping for things from retail stores of leading brands.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

This place is one of the greatest Abu Dhabi Tourism places, it is also known as a Cultural Hub because of its glamorous architecture. It is very famous among foreign travelers because it is not only a religious site but an educational hub too.

Things to do: Visit the library, explore the magnificent architecture and a beautiful sunset.

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Qasr al-Hosn

One of the most intriguing places in Abu Dhabi, Qasr al-Hosn reveals the tale of the city and its folks in detail. The first permanent structure of the city was also an ancient residence of Emirate’s ruling Al Nahyan family.

Things to do: Attend the Qasr al-Hosn festival in the fort area which has live music and dance shows.

Heritage Village

If you’re looking for a pure emirates experience then you must visit this village located on the shore of one of the city beaches near Marina mall. It is filled with interesting things and is one of the most unique places to visit in Abu Dhabi.

Things to do: Experience typical agriculture and cooking styles, artifacts used by Bedouins and pearl trade pattern of local people.

Safaris in Abu Dhabi Desert

Known as one of the most adventurous places, indulge in a xerophytic experience when you try out the enthralling Wadi bashing or Dune driving in a 4×4 wheel drive.

Things to do: Enjoy the local cuisine and culture, mesmerizing sunsets, camel rides, and belly dancing.

Blue Whale Jet Ski

Experience the adrenaline rush when you try your luck saying hello to a blue whale while splashing waters and riding the bouncy waves with the Blue Whale Jet Ski. This surely an experience of a lifetime that you can’t risk missing

Yellow Boat Tour

Offering a magnificent view of the city from the other side, this bright yellow boat will take you to Lulu Island, Emirates Palace, Fisherman’s village and Corniche. This is one of the experiences when it comes to covering the Abu Dhabi sightseeing places.

Desert Camp Abu Dhabi

For a one of a kind experience, plan an overnight stay in one of the desert camps where you can experience Camel rides, belly dancing, Arabic coffee, sandboarding, shisha, and henna painting Favorite attraction during Abu Dhabi Tourism

Ferrari World– Abu Dhabi Tourism

For those who love cars, adventure and thrills this branded theme park is one of the best amusement parks in the world. It offers a range of attractions, shows, and rides for all kinds of people. It also includes top-notch restaurants and a vast array of Ferrari products. Do try the Formula Rossa at Ferrari World which goes from 0-149mph in 4 seconds and is one of the fastest roller coasters in the world! Abu Dhabi Tourism prime recommendation

Marina Eye

If you want to experience the best possible panoramic view of the city then sit for a 5-minute ride inside this giant glass capsule of a 196-foot tall rotating wheel. You will see an awe-inspiring landscape which will be a memorable experience that you can end by hanging out near the waterfront later.

Emirates Palace and Park Zoo Abu Dhabi

HRXN20 Emirates Palace – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

If you want a taste of the luxurious lifestyle, then do not miss a chance of visiting this magnificent hotel which is spread over an area of 100 acres with a range of restaurants serving delectable food and a variety of cuisines. The park zoo is home to around 1700 animals which also include White tiger and Siberian bears. You could also enjoy fun activities like breakfast with giraffes and parrot at the luxury resort.

Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, July 17, 2018: Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi in Abu Dhabi on July 17, 2018. Christopher Pike, www.cpike.com

This Theme park stands at the third position in the world to be one of its kind with a lot of different features that make this an exciting place for one to visit. They have a range of rides with key attractions like The Joker Funhouse, Jetsons Cosmic Orbiter, Swiss Cheese Spin, and Scooby-Doo: The Museum of Mysteries.

Now that you know the Best Places to Visit in Abu Dhabi in 2021, it’s time to plan a detailed trip for an exhilarating experience. Book a flight for yourself and you will love these places and don’t forget to read our Blog on Dubai Tourism Follow us on Instagram for more Updates

Men and women in the UAE can now live together without any repercussions. Until now, it was illegal for unmarried couples, or even unrelated flatmates, to share a home in the Emirates. Can you drink alcohol in Abu Dhabi?

Generally, the legal age for drinking alcohol is 18 in Abu Dhabi, but a Ministry of Tourism by-law prevents hotels from serving alcohol to those under the age of 21. In Dubai and all other emirates besides Sharjah, the drinking age is 21. Drinking alcohol in Sharjah is illegal.

Do and don’ts in Abu Dhabi?

Do travel solo in the UAE – it’s perfectly safe and normal.
Dont show too much PDA when outside in public with your partner or spouse.
Do eat the street food.
Dont get drunk or drink too much alcohol in public.
Do visit a mosque – it’s a great way to learn about the local religion and culture.

What is illegal in Abu Dhabi?

Importing goods. Importing pork products and pornography into the UAE is illegal. Videos, books, and magazines may be subject to scrutiny and may be censored.

What is the best month to visit Abu Dhabi?

The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is between April and May or from September to October. The spring and fall shoulder seasons yield pleasant weather, manageable crowds and reasonable hotel rates. For the best weather — not too hot and not to humid — you’ll want to visit in the wintertime (December through March).

Is it safe to go to Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi is a very safe city to travel to. Many say that it is among the safest cities in the world, and it is also highly ranked 12th on the ranking of the safest and most dangerous countries. Overall, safety should not be an issue if you plan on traveling to this city.

How can I visit Emirates Palace for free?

Fortunately, you can visit the Emirates Palace. Admission is free, but you will only access lobbies and exhibitions. The gardens, private beach (photo) and the rooms, yet beautiful and breathtaking, are reserved for hotel guests.

Can unmarried couples stay in Abu Dhabi?

Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Abu DhabiUnmarried couples can stay in a hotel but in separate rooms. It is illegal to stay in the same room as a member of the opposite sex if you are not married. However, hotels do not ask if you are married.

Can I live with my girlfriend in Abu Dhabi?

Men and women in the UAE can now live together without any repercussions. Until now, it was illegal for unmarried couples, or even unrelated flatmates, to share a home in the Emirates.

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